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New Blog started on November 1th, 2014

My year 2016 in tech

The last weeks I thought about setting up a new blog again. I thought if I should try a new page generator, or a new theme. I also considered switching back to german, cause I am still a much better english reader than author but I stopped all these. In my personal life the year 2016 had a lot of changes. I changed focus from development to team building and from technical to content stuff. So I keep this rather boring theme and the good old metalsmith generator and will try to focus on content.

Why all projects fail

IT projects have come a pretty long way. We have seen project different project styles and management methods. At university I was told the Rational Unified process is the final stage of IT project management. But this wasn`t true. Today we see a complete different IT project style. Everything is agile, no more waterfall and project phases.

The End of Java

Cause java is the de facto industry programming language of our time there is a lot of business interest for keeping the platform alive. Oracle is a different company than Sun was, last but not least in business culture. With Sun oracle bought Java (inlcuding JEE) but the ideas behind the ecosystem (like the JCP) don't fit into oracles way of thinking. Oracles seems to have no interest in an open standard platform. They have there customers and there products which help them to make a lot of money. Why should they help any compeditor to make an application server? Why should they help anybody to make money with Java at all?

Consultants are evil

To be honest: Most of my professional live I've been working as a software consultant. So I guess, I know what I'm talking about. I've always done my best to satisfy my customers, but after all it might not be the best option for my clients to hire me.

Javaland 2016

I've visited the german Javaland conference 2016. It was a lot of fun begin a Phantasialand again.

Time and Money

When doing software development time and money are always limited. When I'm doing code review I sometimes hear statements like 'Yes I know I've got to refactor this but we don't have the time'. So if this is true you would get the best possible project if you would have unlimited time and money, don't you?

My year 2015 in tech

I realized I'm writing this blog for more than a year. So it's again time to look back. This year was unfortunatly a little bit disapointing, the fist enthusiam is gone and my day to day project are not half as exiting than last year. But of course there was a lot out their, to mention a few of the technical thinks I encountered:

goto berlin conference 2015

The year 2015 is coming to an end and I had the chance of attending the goto conference in Berlin this year. It was the first time I went to the conference and it has been really relaxing just to be there as an attendee.

Switching to Gradle

After staying with maven for some years our development team made the switch o gradle. Maven did a good job over the last years and we have done a lot of successful projects with maven. But the team decided there are some issues with maven and wanted to improve the process.

Vaadin developer day

Today I had the chance attending the Vaadin developer day in germany. It was the first developer day from vaadin, something between a workshop and a conference.

SCRUM beyond the basics

At my company we are following an agile development process we call scrum. We have started this thing on our own, read some information on the internet but realized that our SCRUM was something different than the thing Jeff Sutherland had in mind. But after all it might not be perfect SCRUM but it worked for us. Last week we now had the chance to invite a professional SCRUM trainer to review and improve our process. Here are some lessons learned from SCRUM in practice. This is not ment to be the perfect process it's agile so it's all about feedback.

Vaadin experiences

The last talks were a lot of using Java Backend with Javascript (Angular) Frontends cause this is the topic I'm doing a lot of research at the moment. Nevertheless out main company application is going a different way. We are using the Vaadin framework to compile our Java code to Javascript.

Mongo beyond scale

The big data has raised a hype about NoSQL databases but to be honest, most of my daily work is not about big data. Relational databases are well established technology so if you don't have big data should you even consider using NoSQL databases or should you stay with you're beloved (or hated) RDMS ?

Angular meets Java

At the Javaland Conference I gave a short talk about using JEE backends with an AngularJS Frontend. As I'm involved in Java and JavaScript development I wanted to show how much is possible when combining best practices of both technologies.

Javaland 2015

I've visited the german Javaland conference 2015. It's one of the greates conferences I've ever attended. It's professional managed but also a lot of stuff from developers for developers.

Reveal for presentation

Not a long time ago the Microsoft Office suite was the only word processing and presentation software relevant for professional use. Of course there was something like Wordpress or Star Office, but I didn't know anybody using them on a business computer. So if anybody talked about presentation software he talked about Microsoft Powerpoint. Powerpoint was the synonym for presentation software. So of course my presentation were also PowerPoint slides.

Java and Javascript

As I've mentioned before 2015 will be my personal Javascript year. These are my first impressions comparing my primary languages Java and Javascript. To be honest, I'm still far more deep into java and all the things are my personal opinion and view. This may change ofter the next weeks. There are a lot of people saying both languages are fundamental different and it may be immposible to compare them, but IMHO both languages are getting more and more to similar concepts. So I want to think positive and don't want to tell about bad thinks and just show you the advantages of both languages.

Switching to Java 8

The new year starts with a new java version. Reading and writing code in new versions, new frameworks or new technology is my day to day business. But switching our company to Java 8 was something different. It was not just about a changing on one file or one program:

My year 2014 in tech

The year 2014 is comming to an end. It was a very exiting year with lots of new awsome stuff for me. When I look back, for me it was the year of JavaScript. Maybe not the whole way from Saulus to Paulus but I left my brave new java world and jumped right into the deep whole of JavaScript. Of course there was a lot more out their, to mention a few of the technical thinks I encountered:

New Server

Just about two weeks after I've set up this new blog it was already down. This is new virtual maschine, the first one crashed with a "virtual hardware error". I just hadn't the time to debug is, but it seemd the bootloader was broken. So setup took a while, I'm sorry for the downtime. But after all it was faster to setup a new virutal maschine than debuggen into the linux bootloader cause I'm not deep into linux.

Added discussion to the blog

Some may have noticed, there is now a discussion box at the end of every blog page. When switching from a blogging plattform like wordpress to a no backend system like this you're loosing your feedback function. Cause there is no way of storing any information for your readers this side is read only. So I've just integrated an existing diskussion service and now there is a feedback form on every site without any database or other setup at my place.

My Second Day at DNUG

Yesterday I heard a great talk from Martin Welsch about a global technoloy outlook. A great talk about IT, where it came from and where it might go. Of course such a talk is about visions and Martin Welsh talked about great people who where very deep in their business but where totally wrong about trends:

My Second Day at DNUG

Yesterday I heard a great talk from Martin Welsch about a global technoloy outlook. A great talk about IT, where it came from and where it might go. Of course such a talk is about visions and Martin Welsh talked about great people who where very deep in their business but where totally wrong about trends:

Speaking at DNUG

Next week I'm on my way to Leipzig to the german . I'll give a short to about porting a given IBM domino application to the plattform. The talk is actual not about porting but about rewriting the whole stuff on bluemix.

Staying ahead of the curve

Last week Trisha Gee gave a keynote how to stay ahead of the curve at the GOTO Berlin conference. Unfortunattly I wasn't there although it seem one of the new conferences which provides real new information.

Know your tools

As a software developer everone has his own prefered tools and of course I've also my personal favorits. I'm always curious about new things and maybe some of you are also interesting getting to know how I'm working.

Metalsmith, A new hope

A few of you will know this blog has been here some time ago.I had removed it because most of it was outdated and I got some technical problems.