Not where no man has gone before, but how to solve day to day problem

Problems look mighty small from 150 miles up

New Blog started on November 1th, 2014

About me

My name is Joerg Herbst. I'm a IT developer located in Hannover, Germany. As a professional I'm doing mostly java web stuff for 10m Document Management and Process Consulting GmbH which is located in Kobelnz. I'm currently working on a web applicatoin for document management, archiving and content analysis.

I'm doing technical development and consulting stuff. You also contact me for business development jobs or evalutation technologies and startup consulting.

This blog is about my daily work, tools I'm using in my daily live. Experiences as a software developer and new technology.


All information here is my personal opinion and in no way related to my employer. Nevertherless you can contact me via my company email (first.lastname or via the twitter link below. For legal reasons you can find me at the Lenther Strasse 61, 30455 Hannover, Germany.

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