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New Blog started on November 1th, 2014

No backend site

Some may have noticed, there is now a discussion box at the end of every blog page. When switching from a blogging plattform like wordpress to a no backend system like this you're loosing your feedback function. Cause there is no way of storing any information for your readers this side is read only. So I've just integrated an existing diskussion service and now there is a feedback form on every site without any database or other setup at my place.


As mentioned before I didn't want to take a step backword and Disqus is really simple to embed. They already provide the code needed for a pure html site, just choosing a username, copy and paste and everything is done. You can get more details, looking at my github repo.


So please give me some feedback what you think about the themes and the new site. I hope disqus works better than the build in system and there is not so much spam this time.

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