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New Blog started on November 1th, 2014

goto; Berlin 2015

The year 2015 is coming to an end and I had the chance of attending the goto conference in Berlin this year. It was the first time I went to the conference and it has been really relaxing just to be there as an attendee.

The keynotes

Mostly I attend a conference cause I want to hear and learn new technical stuff or cause I want to talk to other people about their day to day problems. This was the same for the goto conference, but after the conference I've got to admit, the most impressive things were the keynote.

The first Keynote To the moon was given by Russ Olsen. It was an amazing story about my dads generation, the value of belief and how to make great things happen. Take your time, lower the light, sit back and watch his talk if you find it at the youtube channel youtube.

The second day keynote from Stephen Carver was Space Shuttle , totally different but as much impressive as the first one. It was about the story about great projects and why the failed. I don't want to spoil here, I hope this video will also be avaible on youtube.

The talks

I don't want to write much about the talks. The program is avaible at the goto page and most talks were recorded on video and you might find them on the youtube channel. So here you'll find just my personal conclusion:

  • Java is back. I was pretty impressed that most presenting new cool start up companies use Java as their primary production language. All the cool stuff like node.js, ruby, python or go may be used for development but the main large scale startups like Spotify, Netflixx etc. are using Java. So Java is not just the lingua franca for the enterprise but also for the young guys.
  • Containers are almost everywhere. The Docker fish is pretty new and containers have lots of unused problems, but they are alreay used in very many places.
  • Agile development ist main stream. SCRUM is a little bit out (because it is not fast enogh) and Kanban is encouraged, but each comapny has to find their own development process.
  • Cloud is AWS. There may be some others but all companies (except IBM who have their own datacenter) are running on AWS. So if you want to go to cloud computing, others may be catching up, but AWS is the first place to be.
  • Software is all about people. We can scale technical stuff but scaling (or even creating) teams is much more complicated. If you can find great people and leverage their skills even small teams can create big thinks.
  • Testing is the key. The great companies have excellent skills in automated testing to enable continous delivery withing hours and fast market response times.

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