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New Blog started on November 1th, 2014

Talking at the DNUG conference

Next week I'm on my way to Leipzig to the german . I'll give a short to about porting a given IBM domino application to the plattform. The talk is actual not about porting but about rewriting the whole stuff on bluemix.

IBM Domino and Bluemix

It's the first time I visit the DNUG conference, most of the audience and the talk is about IBM Domino application development and I've never been in that business. But most of my customers are, or at least were, developing applications on that plattform. But the shift is going, more and more companies are leaving the old IBM mail system to switch to a more lightweight solution. Some of them are using a appliance or cloud offering, others are introducing Microsoft Exchange or other on premises solutions. But none of these plattforms I've encountered so far is a development platform, like Lotus Notes was.

So companies are looking for a way to get their indivual software running on a new plattform. The IBM Bluemix plattform as a service from IBM is a very low risc strategy, cause you don't have to install or even subscribe to anything but can youse every offering of the variaous services IBM provides. But thinks are not that easy, it's not only a shift on technology but a shift of culture.

My Talk

So my talk is a very basic introduction to the Bluemix platform. I'll just show porting the infamous ToDo Applcation to bluemix, using Java as a backend service. I'll give no further technical detail but will discuss the beneftis and consideration you should make when doing such a shift. So if you attent the conference, I'd be glad if you join my talk.

I hope I can provide some slides or at least some more details here soon. Until that you can find the conference agenda on their website.

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