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New Blog started on November 1th, 2014

Comparing Java and Javascript

As I've mentioned before 2015 will be my personal Javascript year. These are my first impressions comparing my primary languages Java and Javascript. To be honest, I'm still far more deep into java and all the things are my personal opinion and view. This may change ofter the next weeks. There are a lot of people saying both languages are fundamental different and it may be immposible to compare them, but IMHO both languages are getting more and more to similar concepts. So I want to think positive and don't want to tell about bad thinks and just show you the advantages of both languages.

Java advantages

  • It's a compiled language. You write your code, get it compile which checks your syntax and can detect a lot of errors. You only need the java interpreter to run your code.
  • Java is the languages taught at german universities (as far is I knwo), almost every student of information technology today has to take at least one java course. So there are a lot of people knowing the language at it's core.
  • Most enterprise systems today are build on Java (or JEE). So you'll find a Java infrastructure which is well established when you're building software for an enterprise. There are also great supported frameworks like i.e. the Spring Framework which are backed by large companies.
  • There is an established change process (JCP) for the language and the standards. So you don't have to fear that support is dropped with the next major version.
  • Yout get very good IDE and build tool support. Open source and commercial solutions are available.
  • With the Java Development Kit (or even JEE) there is a set of framework classes for basic data structure and day to day requirements every developer can rely on.
  • Java has well established packaging and namespace system. Conflicts about namespace are rare, most available software is backward compatible or has a well working versioning system. So version upgrades and downgrades are often possible without greater conflicts and mostly minor code changes.

Javascript advantages

  • It' a script language. So you can write you're code, save you're file and see the result. No compilation, linking, packaging is required. So roundtrip time is almost zero.
  • Javascript ist the lingua franca of the web. Almost every web developer has Javascript skills. If you're doing web based application development (which is the majority of stuff developed today) outside of academic scope, you can be sure your guys have Javascript skills.
  • Every major browser has a well established Javascript engine. Today writing browser based code in Javascript is (mostly) cross browser compatible and works without any plugins or installation on any modern PC or mobile device.
  • There is a lot of drive in the Javascript eco system. I'm taking this as an advantage cause I'm a great fan of innovation, there might be a different view on this. So new technologies are avaible very fast and the the tools are getting better every day.
  • It's fast. Also Javascript is a script language current javascript engine are very fast. Not only compared to other script languages but also to Java.

That's it for today, feel free to post some feedback!

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