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New Blog started on November 1th, 2014

Javaland 2015

I've visited the german Javaland conference 2015. It's one of the greates conferences I've ever attended. It's professional managed but also a lot of stuff from developers for developers.

New thinks

  • There were some session about docker and how to use it as a java developer. The technoloy has my attention since last year but I'm still stuck with the 'Hello World' or better 'Hello Docker' stuff. It seems to be really a great tool if you really want to have good integration testing and fast deployment.
  • The cloud is coming and it changes a lot of think. It's not just github for code hosting (which becomes more and more a standard even for enterprise solutions) but although build and deploy runtimes. I've already most of my private code at github and really think about moving the company code to a closed docker instance.
  • The NoSQL hype is over. There is just one session and only round about 5 people are using it in production. But I guess when scaling out relational database are not long the first technoloy I would choose. My MongoDB instances are running pretty smart and the dynamic schema (or schemaless) data model is much better fitting agile requirements.

My talk about AngularJS and Java

I gave a short talk aobut future of web application. Featuring the leading AngularJS frontend and the Backend framework. Both are haven a lot of attention in the community. You can find the slides at github, including links to the frameworks and sources. I hope I'll find the time to update the example which is at the time of this writing a pretty raw clone of the ratpack example.

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