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New Blog started on November 1th, 2014

Javaland 2016

I've visited the german Javaland conference 2016. It was a lot of fun begin a Phantasialand again.

New thinks

Every conference addresses different kinds of people. So there is always something new and some things you already new.

  • Vert.x is bringing asynchronous support to the java platform. But it seems to be a all or nothing approach. It is very interesting but I guess I won't use it in the next month.
  • The spring platform is the java cloud thing. Spring is "Java in the Cloud" and the spring platform is really awesome. You should visit and look at youtube for talks of Josh Long
  • I have heard a great talk about mutation testing. Didn't now anything about this before, I'll give it a chance.
  • Feature flags are pretty old but actually I'm not using them. I should really give them a try. Maybe with Archaius or Spring runtime configuration.
  • Gradle is getting better and better. There are so much configuration option and you can really customize the build for you personal needs. If you got a chance, change your build system to gradle. There will be lot of more enterprise features in the upcoming 3.0 version.
  • Java has some boilerplate. Also the way it works is pretty dirty, take a look at Lombok. It can help you to avoid a lot of boilerplate code. It is also a great tool for creating value objects.
  • I had the chance listening to a talk MDD. I like this approach a lot but I'm still not sure if I can apply it to my day to day project work.

All together I've noticed the stuff I use in my projects is pretty much up to date. There are always some new thing I should have a look at and you can always improve your codebase but all together I really love my stuff and java is a really impressive and very stable platform.

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