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New Blog started on November 1th, 2014

New Blog

A few of you will know this blog has been here some time ago.I had removed it because most of it was outdated and I got some technical problems.

You should have noticed this new blog is in english. I know my english is not very good but the information provided here is mostly technical stuff and I've noticed almost any knew technical stuff on the internet is provided in english. So if you use a search engine you'll provide english search terms so I switched the language.


So I made a complete new start and moved everyhing to a new technical platform. Ok new platform is a great for something like this. This blog ist just POH (Plain Old HTML) on a HTTP Server. No PHP, no Node.js no Java just some simple HTML Pages. OK there is a little bit more. The whole thing is inspired by jekyll which I met a view month ago. Is a static blog generator, written in Ruby. My problem with ruby was, it's not very flexible and I don't know Ruby beyond the baics. So I tried a little but was not satisfied with the result.

So in september I met [Robin Thrift] who gave an inspiring talk aboutl metalsmith. Metalsmith is a static page generator (actually more a framework than a generator) for creating web pages. It's written in Javascript, using the the node.js as runtime environment. I'm actually not a Javascript developer, to be honest, a few years ago I was glad if I could avoid Javascript if possible. But after visiting the HannoverJS usergroup a few time, I decided it's time for given [ECMA Script] a second chance. So this is after all also some kind of my experiences with learning Javascript.


At the moment I'm creating this page using predefined HTML templates and writing this pages using [Markdown] ( on a Macbook Pro. I store all information in a git repository and publish the stuff by copying everything using simple rsync via ssh.

So have fun and maybe I can provide you with some information which may be intresting or helpful for you.

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