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New Blog started on November 1th, 2014

Amazing presentation about new technology

Last week Trisha Gee gave a keynote how to stay ahead of the curve at the GOTO Berlin conference. Unfortunattly I wasn't there although it seem one of the new conferences which provides real new information.

My personal situation

I hope Trisha will be able to upload the video of the talk. I'm very familiar with such a situation. There are a lot of technologies out their and new project are spreading I'm very exited with trying thinks out. But in my day to day business there are a lot of of facts to consider, like:

  • Is it trend or just a hype? Will the project be available next year?
  • What about the infrastructure? How setup, monitoring and backup can be handled?
  • What about the other developers? Can they adapt it?

I.e. I personally like groovy very much. The syntax is much more elegant than traditional java and some thinks can be really code less verbose. And groovy can compile to java class files, so everything runs on the same virtual maschine. It's just another way to approach the same goal. But there is no out of the box support for groovy in the IDE, so the code is well readable for me, but what about my fellow guys who are not familiar with groovy? The won't understand the code, so if we use groovy in production everybody would have to learn it. Some thing about other build tools and the CI pipeline, still more work to do.

Thin about it

Is this worth the price of getting your code more elegant? I guess it's a difficult question, readable and maintainable code is a great value but blowing up your project with every new technology is not the right road to take.

So have a look at Thrisha's slides may they can give you some advice or if not, help her writing her book.

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