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New Blog started on November 1th, 2014

The end of the year

The year 2014 is comming to an end. It was a very exiting year with lots of new awsome stuff for me. When I look back, for me it was the year of JavaScript. Maybe not the whole way from Saulus to Paulus but I left my brave new java world and jumped right into the deep whole of JavaScript. Of course there was a lot more out their, to mention a few of the technical thinks I encountered:

  • I've started using markdown as a layout language
  • I got the NoSQL way and put mongo in production
  • My team and I switched from svn to git and nobody want to go back
  • We are starting to love SCRUM based agile development
  • I've started using cloud programming onIBM Bluemix

A year about people

Also I'm in a tech job, programming ist mostly about people. About their ideas and skills, I've met quite a lot of awsome people who are very inspiring to me to mention at least a few events:

  • Working at the Edelstall Coworking space in Hannover is really awsome
  • I've joined my first DNUG and I'm pretty exited about what collaboration will look like in a few years
  • I've now a twitter account (finally) and it seems to be a real good news source for tech people
  • I've joined the HannoverJS usergroup and met real awsome people

Thinks to come

Thinking about the next year is of course fortune telling. But very cool thinks are coming. My big think at work will be transforming my company into a new winning company again and going further on our way about information management. It's a great job doing not only technical stuff but also bringing a new company to the next level. But of course there will be technical things in the next year I will have a look at:

  • The next big thing might be docker and how it will change devops and deployments
  • I will have a look at content analytics with IBM Watson and other bluemix thinks
  • After my first JavaScript steps this year I'll have look at node.js and angular

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