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New Blog started on November 1th, 2014

The end of the year

I realized I'm writing this blog for more than a year. So it's again time to look back. This year was unfortunatly a little bit disapointing, the fist enthusiam is gone and my day to day project are not half as exiting than last year. But of course there was a lot out their, to mention a few of the technical thinks I encountered:

  • We took continous integration to a new level but are still far a way from continous delivery
  • I took a crash course in angular programming which was refreshing but I am no frontend gut, guess I'll never be.
  • I started a littble bit programming in Go also a good experienced.
  • As planed I started using docker. Not for my private but for our company build infrastructure. At the moment we're running just some build servers but I guess docker will be a thing to look at in 2016.

A year about changes

Change management is pretty hard and I realized in my consulting work and in my in house job it is very hard to change established processes, event if people are seeing something goes wrong. Even some simple project management changes from a traditional to a more agile way is pretty hard. You need a lot of management support if you really want to change things, if you don't get it, you'll fail. I had to learn this lesson the hard way.

Thinks to come

Thinking about the next year is of course fortune telling. Next year my daily work will be a lot good old consulting stuff. Nevertheless I hope I'll find time to get at least a few things running.

  • My new love is deep learning I hope I can get some more experiences with this exiting new technology.
  • I want to get deeper into Docker and container technology.
  • To get more practice in continous delivery I hope to find some time for taking our testing infrastructure to a new level.
  • Working with my remote team needs some improvement. I guess you'll here something about technology and organisation changes.
  • If my day to day business allows me you'll here about some new big data and cloud computing ideas from me.

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