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New Blog started on November 1th, 2014

Another year has gone by

The last weeks I thought about setting up a new blog again. I thought if I should try a new page generator, or a new theme. I also considered switching back to german, cause I am still a much better english reader than author but I stopped all these. In my personal life the year 2016 had a lot of changes. I changed focus from development to team building and from technical to content stuff. So I keep this rather boring theme and the good old metalsmith generator and will try to focus on content.

Looking back

As I read what I had planned for 2016, I will give a few words what has happened. In the Year 2015 post I mentioned the following stuff:

  • I would keep more attention to deep learning. Although I really love this stuff (Its very impressive and I like math) I spent very little time going deeper into it. If You want to do some more than just using a library you would need much more time, so I fear this has not happened in 2016 and won't happen in 2017. If you want to get an impression, I have heard the talk Tensorflow without a PhD, so this is the easy part of it.
  • I also wanted to have a look at Docker. I did not create my own images, but I have docker running on my MacBook and on the server. Containers are now part of my personal development stack. My company also runs some production systems based on Docker containers.
  • Our continous delivery infrastructure got better. I guess our workflow should be covered in a separate post, but we have one click deployments which is a great progress. There is also some space for improvements, I need to get better with automated testing of Browser UIs. Hope I'll manage this in 2017.
  • I also wanted to improve working with a distributed team. Actually this isn't a problem any longer, cause most of my team is no colocated with me in Hannover. I don't know if its about colocation or something else, but I have really amazing team I am very proud to work with.
  • Big Data and cloud computing is still not part of my day to day business, but I learned a lot during the last 12 month and I guess the journey has just began.

Thinks that changed

As mentioned I now have a local development team here in Hannover. Having a team is such a gift, it makes thinks so much easier cause of great ideas, know how and possibilities. So my personal focus changed from a technical to more business perspective (posts like Why all projects fail gave you a first impression). My day to day work in 2016 was still about old school (waterfall) IT, but my personal interest is now all about digital transformation and my business focus in 2017 will also change. So I am still in development, but my missing will be Bringing the power of startup to established enterprises.

Thinks to come

As a consequence of this there is no technical list for 2017 as it was for the last years. I want to focus on the digital transformation story. So I want to create and spread thinks that are necessary, starting with changes in corporate culture and ending with devops team. So I guess you will here me at meetups to spread the digital transformation story. There is also in house work to do. I hope I can help my team to improve and I hope can help my client mastering digital challenges.

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